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It is the client who knows what hurts, what directions to go, what problems are crucial, what experiences have been deeply buried.

– Carl Rogers

Person Centred Counselling

This is a method of counselling where you are placed at the centre of the session and treated as a person first. The person-centred approach is a non-directive approach to counselling. This means that the focus is on you and the therapist is not in control of what is talked about, what you should do or how to use the time in the counselling session. Person centred counselling can get to the root of the problem using gentle, empathic guidance and helpful interventions.  Allowing you to process at your own pace and in your own unique way, enables you to be more accepting and embracing of who you are. It helps you become more authentically yourself, enhancing your quality of life and effectiveness in the world.

My role is to provide therapeutic conditions in which this process of change can occur. I will create a warm, safe and trusting relationship, in which effective therapy can take place. Together we will untangle all those thoughts and feelings you may be experiencing or wish to explore. We will go at your pace. I will walk beside you and not judge while being empathic and caring. My aim is to listen while gently supporting and guiding you as we travel into your life journey. I will facilitate lasting therapeutic change by holding the belief that you have the capacity to grow and change whilst also focusing on your needs, desires, aspirations and goals to effectively make these changes possible in your life. 

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