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Your ego is a mask that your inner child wears, underneath it all is a costume of innocence decorating the highest self of all. This is the play of existence. The purpose is not to escape the play, but to learn how to play at full capacity for the wellbeing of all. This is the the heart of realization.

– Matt Khan

Inner Child Therapy

This is a method of therapy that can positively address negative conditions and traumas by accessing the inner child (we all have one). Inner child work is a powerful tool which helps free up and release hidden emotions within. This can release all kinds of problems that have not been dealt with such as lack of self-esteem, self-worth, and feelings of not feeling you are enough. Healing these negative beliefs can help the inner child grow up feeling stronger, more capable and able to stand in their own power.

I will help you reconnect to a lost part of yourself, your inner child, a child that may be hidden away inside of you. This is a part of you that, as a result of not feeling safe or fully loved, may have hidden away deep inside. This is simply a protection mechanism that we all have and everyone will have felt wounded by something at some point in their childhood. During the session, a safe space is created and the inner child is then invited in and asked to speak using a number of different techniques. I will give your inner child the opportunity to identify where and when the wounding first occurred by giving them a voice to express their feelings.

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